Conference "Fisheries Management of the Symi Shrimp"

Following the integration of the Act "MANAGEMENT OF THE SYMI SHRIMP" by the Ministry of Rural Development and Food on 05/02/2014(ΑΔΑ ΒΙΦΦΒ-ΣΓΡ) , the Hellenic Centre for Marine Research - Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes invites local authorities, fishermen and all interested parties to participate at the conference entitled "Biology and fisheries of the Symi Shrimp", on Friday, May 16, 2014 at 18:00 at the Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes - Aquarium.
The approved program will be presented in detail by the project coordinator Dr. Stefanos Kalogirou.

The natural object of the project is to develop bio-economic management scenarios aimed at maximizing production of fisheries and maintain jobs in this industry while at the same time avoid the depletion of fisheries in the future (Maximum Sustainable Exploitation of stock-phase 1).

With the cooperation of local actors, directly involved in the field, the project will be implemented in actual conditions by the fishermen themselves for at least one fishing year and monitored to record the shrimps’ performance and their effects (phase 2).

Conclusions will derive on the annual life cycle of the species and the fishing pressure on the stock. The distribution of the species in the region and the degree of effort will be investigated. Data capture (and / or landings) per age group species (catch-at-age) will be collected and analyzed. These analyzes will be used in conjunction with the biological and fishery data, in order to estimate the stock of this species in Greece, for the first time. (Phase 3).

The final product will be recommendations for the management of the species, which will be implemented, controlled / monitored and verified in real conditions in the field by the stakeholders (phase 4).

This will make easier the implementation and acceptance of future management measures by fishermen since they will contribute and work on managing these proposals. The specific management recommendations can form the basis for multiannual management plans and fcan formulate national fisheries strategy for the stock.

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