Biologist and Ecotoxixologist

46,7 km Athens Sounio, Mavro Lithari Anavissos Athens 19013 Greece


Phone: +30 2109821354


Short CV:
Leila bordbar is a biologist at HCMR (Hellenic Center for Marine Research). Institute of marine biology sources and Inland water.

Currently she is a PhD candidate of oceanography and marine management in National and Kapodistriako University of Athens, faculty of environmental chemistry.

In spite of all her experience on fishery and aquaculture (B.S &M.S), she changed her research interest to environmental toxicity. In her PhD she monitored the N.Evoikos Gulf. She focused on concentration of heavy metals in seawater, sediments and different aquatics organism in order to evaluate the effects of the dumped slag area in Evoikos Gulf, she also measured different proteins such as Catalase, AchE and GST in different marine tissues as well.

In addition to this program she was involved in many other national and international projects for assessing the toxicity in environment.

She achieved different European scholarships for her PhD and training courses from Ministry of education in Greece, University of Gothenburg in Sweden and Euromarine fellowship.

She participated in different international conferences and workshops.

She contributed to two publications in peer-review and three submitted articles as well as other technical reports


Under revision papers:

  1. L. Bordbar, M, Dassenakis, V, A, Catsiki, V, Paraskevopolou. 2014. The distribution of heavy in seawater in dumping area of Smelting plant in N. Evoikos Gulf- Greece. Submitted for Coastal shelf research journal
  2. L. Bordbar, M, Dassenakis, V, A, Catsiki, V, Paraskevopolou. 2014. The assessment of Ferronickel Smelting plant by-product on the surface sediments of N. Evoikos Gulf, Greece. Submitted for ENVIRONMNETAL MONITORING &ASSESSMENT Journal.
  3. L. Bordbar, M, Dassenakis, V, A, Catsiki, V, Paraskevopolou. 2014. The influence of ferronickel smelting plant on costal water of Larymna By, Evoikos Gulf-Greece.Submitted for Mediterranean Marine journal.


  1. L. Bordbar, M. Emtiyazjoo,D. Farkhani. 2008. Comparison and Influence of two newly Produced Iranian Oil dispersants (Pars1 &Pars2) with Gamlen OD4000. Journal of Environmental science and health part A. (43), 1598-1601
  2. L. Bordbar, S. oryan, M. emtiyazjoo,D.farkhani. 2006. The effect of Iranian oil dispersant (Pars1) on rainbow trout. 2006. WIT Transactions on Ecology &the environment,pp79-88

PhD thesis:

  1. "Study of the impact of the Ferronickel Metallurgy operation on marine ecosystem Application in Larymna Bay."

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