Work Packages

Work Package 1 (WP1): Economic viability

Developing and testing alternative fishing methods by using pots of different sizes and eye shapes for the envisaged shrimp, at randomly distributed locations and depths, aiming to achieve economic viability of this methodology and the possible reallocation of the fishing effort in deeper waters or less sensitive areas, such as nurseries and reproduction fields.
Work Package Leader, Dr. Stefanos Kalogirou

Work Package 2 (WP2): Gear selectivity

Studying the selectivity of the testing tools in order to achieve fishing environmental sustainability through reduction of by-catches and impacts on the environment.
Work Package Leader, Dr. Chris Smith

Work Package 3 (WP3): Biological indicators for monitoring

Using a methodology with pots of various sizes, aiming to the parallel collection of biological data on the most comprehensive assessment of the stocks.
Work Package Leader Dr. Kostas Kapiris

Work Package 4 (WP4): Socio-economic dimension

Conducting questionnaires with fishermen and collecting info from the logbooks of fishing vessels for the study and analysis of the socio-economic dimension of the effort and the economic viability of the industry.
Work Package Leader, Dr. Stefanos Kalogirou

Work Package 5 (WP5): Alternative Management Scenarios

Developing alternative management scenarios and assessments and implementing the optimum one, during operation. The proposed pilot alternative harvesting strategies will take into account, inter alia, the selectivity of the tested experimental tools.
Work Package Leader Dr. Christos Maravelias

Work Package 6 (WP6): Dissemination of results

Disseminating results to fishermen and all related stakeholders, with a view to maximize sustainable exploitation (MSY: Maximun Sustainable Yield) taking into account biological, socio-economic and environmental data and environmental awareness based on the axes mentioned in the Blue Growth strategy and the Common Fisheries Policy.
Work Package Leader, Dr. Stefanos Kalogirou

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