This study will be the first in Greece, using innovative techniques based on stochastic simulation and statistics, which will assess the implications and risks of implementing different management strategies in marine fisheries by quantifying biological, fisheries, social, economic and environmental data.
This study will be an important tool:
  • To invent the deepwater reserves in the Aegean Sea which is so far insufficient
  • To manage fishery resources in unexploited stocks, ensuring sustainable development, in accordance with EU regulations
  • To understand the red shrimp stocks in the A. Mediterranean and to offer the possibility to compare the relevant stocks with the appropriate management plans submitted and applied in the rest of Europe
  • To record the size of the biological and economic impact of the management measures necessary for policy makers to ensure the business viability
  • To propose fishing activities more environmentally friendly in order to ensure that healthy stocks will maintain the environmental balance and promote sustainable economic and social conditions in the fisheries sector.

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