In Article 1 of the Presidential Decree (PD)157/2004 (Fishing with traps), the notion of passive gear - traps (cylindrical or conical bags, rigid barrel chambers, spherical cage-traps, etc.), the sizes of the tool and the period of prohibition are defined. Article 2 refers to the ban period and the maximum number of gears per vessel allowed, while Article 3 defines the allocation catch allowed during day and night. Until today the species examined is caught only with pots and the following rules are applied, based on the PD 157/2004:
  1. Sizes: Each trap may not exceed 50 cm. Height, 1 m. Diameter and the orifice must be at least 13 cm.
  2. Ban Period: May 1-July 31
  3. Maximum number of fishing gear per boat: 300

The problems encountered with the usage of the specific gear for fishing the Plesionika species are the following (South Aegean Region - Memorandum 6/9/2012)6/9/2012):
  1. The PD 157/2004 prohibits fishing with spheroidal cage-traps during May-July, however, there is no reference to the mesh size to be used throughout the year,
  2. Fishing with pots was allowed until 2012, in the sense of "exploratory fisheries" under the condition that quantitative fishing captures, would be provided by the fishermen, with questionable character quotas, to the relevant department of Fisheries South Aegean Region,
  3. Many fishermen fish illegally in the course of PD 157/2004 during the banned period, due to the lack of clarity between traps and trap shrimp.

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