The proposed pilot fishing study for the sustainable management of the species Plesionika (Symi shrimp), is based on the:
  • Few biological surveys conducted in South-Eastern Aegean during the period 1988-1990 (Thessalou-Legaki et al. 1989, Thessalou Legaki 1989, Thessalou-Legaki 1992, Kitsos et al. 2008) and the Mediterranean in general (Arculeo & Brutto, Koukouras et al. 1992, Carbonell & Abello 1998, Fransen 2006)
  • Collected data, landings and the time series during the period 2005-2012, by the Department of Fisheries of the South Aegean Region and
  • Calendars of the related fishing vessels (kg, fishing areas and depths)

The methodology applied is related to the:
  1. Collection and use of biological, economic, social, fisheries, and environmental data
  2. Development of bio-economic management scenarios based on the maximum sustainable exploitation of the stock (phase 1).
  3. Implementation of the proposed management scenarios in the field in real conditions, during a fishing year period and monitoring and recording of their performance by the fishermen (Phase 2).
  4. Investigation and analysis of spatiotemporal distributions of species in the surrounding area as well as the distribution and scoring effort. Collection and analysis of arrests by age group of the species. Assessment of the species stocks in Greece, in conjunction with the data collection of Phase 1 (Phase 3).
  5. Implementation, monitoring, verification in the field by the stakeholders, will advocate proposals for the species management (phase 4). The specific management recommendations could form the basis for multiannual management plans and policy making in the national fisheries stocks strategy

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